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DateJanuary 4, 2021

Christopher Naghibi and Black Crown Inc are helping people living their dreams

The United States is about “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”, – a dream, the American Dream, laid out in its Declaration of Independence. This is the shared American philosophy that any individual, regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation, or any other of continually evolving factors, can come to the to this country and have a legitimate chance at success in whatever shape that may take to them.

Although society has changed since the founding of the USA, the reality of the American dream continues. Hard work, dedication, and persistence are the hallmark characteristics of thousands of Americans nationwide and provide a basis for success for even more. However, it only takes one misstep or malinvestment to spoil all the fruits of one’s labour. Fortunately, Christopher M Naghibi and his firm Black Crown Inc. have taken it upon themselves to protect and grow the assets of thousands of Americans.

Black Crown Inc is a real estate investment firm headquartered in Southern California. Born from the ideology that a collective group of experts offers talents and subject matter expertise in a way that no single individual can, Naghibi heads a team of selective, highly qualified real estate agents, attorneys, general contractors, and property managers working together to produce a better client experience where the end consumer gets far more for far less. By working together, Naghibi and his colleagues can reduce product costs, thus passing these savings along to the consumer.

This ethos of symbiosis has quietly developed Black Crown Inc into one of the best in the industry by leveraging Naghibi’s ability to provide customers with unparalleled returns on investments. He leverages its unique, vertically integrated structure, in which the company oversees all the processes from purchase to sale, to procure unprecedented control over their clients’ investments. Such oversight and cohesion have yielded clients’ returns in excess of $10 million in recovered costs and $20 billion dollars in closed transactions to date.

Now, an integrated structure and high ROIs are not the only factors that differentiate Naghibi from the rest of the industry. Black Crown Inc is also the industry leader in community involvement, outreach and corporate social responsibility. Laying on the progressive forefront of a variety of social issues, Black Crown Inc partners with various national and local organizations to generate change and achieve equality. They most notably work with Habitat for Humanity, building quality, affordable houses for impoverished communities in the United States, and She Built This City to empower and encourage women to work in construction, real estate, and the trades.

Naghibi’s incredible efforts to serve the community have not gone unnoticed. In over 20 years of service, he has developed an expansive clientele portfolio which generates the enterprise over seven figures in annual sales, an extraordinary level of success. Despite this success, Black Crown Inc. vows to remain oriented in providing for its community, an effort that is single-handedly helping thousands of Americans achieve their dreams.

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