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DateApril 26, 2021

Chris Naghibi Shares 5 Pro Tips for Aspiring Real Estate Brokers

Fame comes with a price. Many celebrities lament their loss of autonomy and privacy once they go into the public eye, but real estate magician Chris Naghibi can help alleviate some of this. Believing in having a safe and secure home, the founder of Black Crown, Inc. offers sought-after solutions for A-list clients.

Naghibi is very good at his job as he has 20 years of experience and USD 20 billion in transactions. This phenomenal success is not based solely on sales, it’s based on the relationships Naghibi establishes with his famous clients. A distinctive figure in real estate due to his reputation as a comprehensive problem solver, Naghibi is always happy to advise up-and-coming real estate brokers.

This first tip is a no-brainer. Always ask people for referrals, and building a network in the digital age is easier than ever. Professional sites like LinkedIn provide a wealth of knowledge and a pool of new connections. Learn what your resources are and utilize them.

Keep a Backup Fund
While real estate can generate a very comfortable income, there will be times that you will face a famine rather than a feast. Always have money put away to cover your expenses when times are lean because it will happen.

Find a Firm That is a Good Fit
Real estate companies are almost constantly hiring. Don’t take the first offer you get but find the firm that is a good fit for you. Take things like philosophy, structure, and operation into consideration and do your homework on the firm. After all, this business is all about relationships, and that includes the ones at the office.

Work Odd Hours
Be ready to work nights and weekends, because a large number of people work office hours. You need to be ready to take a call or show a house on your clients’ schedule, not your own. People expect their real estate agent to be readily available, plus it gives them confidence in you. This industry moves 24 hours a day, and if a bidding war breaks out over a certain listing, you need to be on the front lines.

Know Your Customers
You need to know what your customers want, not what you think they want. Take as many professional development and continuing education courses as you can. Not only is the market constantly changing, so are the needs and wants of customers. When they ask a question, be well-prepared to answer it.
While these tips might seem simple, they are invaluable guidelines for getting started in the real estate industry. Coming from a superstar with sales in the billions, a fledgling broker will be doing themselves a favor by following this advice.

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