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DateJanuary 13, 2021

Christopher Naghibi: Operating Behind The Scenes To Make Clients Multi-Millionaires

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA  – Close your eyes and picture this: you and your closest family and friends enjoying a beautiful day on the ocean atop a gorgeous yacht. For most people, this probably seems like a scene out of a film, dream, or the unreachable lifestyle of a multimillionaire. Unknown to many, however, is that with proper real estate investment guidance, a dreamlike lifestyle of exotic pleasures and once in a lifetime experiences is attainable for everyone. So where do you begin? Fortunately for you, Christopher M. Naghibi and his firm Black Crown Inc. have taken it upon themselves to protect and grow the assets behind thousands of high net-worth and celebrity clients, enabling them to live out their fantasies. “I’ve always operated behind the scenes for our clients.  They trust me and I trust them.  It is a relationship and not a transaction.  The wealthy want to get wealthier.  Celebrities want to have another stream of income.  We all deserve an expert whose job it is to help us grow our empire to the next level.  That’s what we do, we make people multi-millionaires” says Naghibi. 

Based in Southern California, Black Crown Inc. is trailblazing the real estate industry, dominating the multifamily apartment and luxury home spaces. Accumulating over 20 years of industry experience, the company offers its diverse range of clientele a premium level investment services for a modest price. Naghibi scoffs at the idea of talking about singular transactions.  “It isn’t about a transaction.  We may buy a client an apartment complex, but then we get in there and the real work begins.  We work with our affiliate Black Crown Law APC to form an LLC for the acquisition.  We turn units and renovate them.  This all brings in more passive rental income while improving the overall value of the underlying asset.  We don’t think in terms of transactions because we are building portfolios of assets over time.”

Market competitors are completely puzzled by how Black Crown Inc. sustains their inexpensive prices, however, the mechanism by which they achieve low costs is actually quite ingenious. Naghibi and his group work in a completely self-sufficient, vertically integrated structure, meaning that the firm owns and oversees all processes, both small and large, between purchase and sale. This form of arrangement enables Black Crown Inc. to acquire unparalleled levels of control and oversight over their clients’ investments.  Naghibi continues that “The wealthy have had access to what we offer through Realtors, brokers, CPAs, contractors, property managers and attorneys for a very long time.  We offer all that with a very precise singular mission of controlling your ecosystem of information and delivering on an unparalleled value proposition.”

Furthermore, Black Crown Inc. boasts one of the most experienced collections of staff in the investment industry. Hiring from only the most highly qualified lawyers, contractors, and financial advisors, Naghibi and colleagues have constructed a team with expertise in every relevant area to Black Crown Realty and Black Crown Law APC. Even Naghibi himself holds bachelors and graduates degrees from American Heritage University, Trinity Law School, and the Yale School of Management Global Executive Leadership Program. Such an experienced and educated in-house team ensures a first-class service, which has netted clients returns in excess of $10 million in recovered costs and $20 billion dollars in closed transactions.

Because of their company basis in Southern California, Black Crown Inc. has a multitude of experience dealing with the most difficult and competitive real estate environments. Success in this market, over the years, has helped the Yale and Trinity Law School Alumnus along with his in-house team develop a reputation as one of the most revered real estate investment groups not only in the region but in the country. A reputation that Naghibi prides his company upon, he says, “From buying or selling homes to sourcing a myriad of different types of investment properties, we are the go-to firm for high net worth clients from across the country.”

Through their continuous commitment to supply their clients with the highest quality product, Christopher M. Naghibi and Black Crown Inc. are revolutionizing the investment industry. They are breaking the stereotype that only excessively wealthy people can afford to live lavishly and they are going above and beyond to ensure that any individual, family, or group of friends can one day afford to experience the highest degree of luxury.

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