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DateApril 15, 2020

Protecting Property, Privacy, & Prosperity: Black Crown Inc.

The Dow Industry Report has dropped by almost 40%. People are being laid off right and left while many businesses are closing their doors for good. Many have lost the majority of their net worth due to the worst stock market plunge this country has seen in decades. Many economists believe we are already in a recession and could very likely be heading towards a terrible depression.

This all comes on the heels on the burgeoning growth of the US economy and many undertaking mortgages and starting businesses in the sun of this prosperity. Many wealth advisors were focused on making high-risk, short term investments and achieving high return rates for the clients. All of this has backfired and many are now wondering what to do not just now but after quarantine ends – if it ever does. The clients of Christopher M. Naghibi, luckily, are not in this position. Due to his unique property asset investment strategy and process, his clients’ wealth was not just protected, but also their privacy.

Black Crown Inc, a relationship based real estate brokerage and law firm in Los Angeles and Orange County, provides its clients with a unique offering. They provide every service in-house which allows them to provide their high profile clients with privacy and anonymity. While most firms specialize in one area such as real estate brokerage, property purchases and sales, or contracting, Black Crown Inc. does it all. Naghibi is able to offer complete anonymity and protect the client’s privacy by consolidating every service and catering to each client’s specific needs with concierge-level specialization. They have been successful in not just protecting clients’ privacy but also securing their prosperity with over $10 million in recovered costs for clients and in excess of $20 billion dollars in closed transactions.

Led by his passion and precocious curiosity, Naghibi has not only developed advanced knowledge in a multitude of fields through school but also gained valuable experience working for several different leading companies. Serving as the Executive Vice President and Chief Credit Officer of First Foundation Bank (NASDAQ: FFWM) he is responsible for measuring and managing the aggregate risk in the bank’s loans portfolio by overseeing the bank’s real estate, consumer and commercial credit, monitoring, underwriting, processing and collection policies, procedures, and processes ensuring appropriate mitigation of the risks inherent in the portfolio.

Most firms cannot compete with just the array of services Black Crown offers, but also the quality and experience Naghbibi provides. With a Juris Doctorate from Trinity Law School, a Master of Business Administration from American Heritage University, two bachelor degrees, Naghibi is also a graduate of the Yale School of Management Global Executive Leadership Program.

Black Crown Inc. has expanded its confidential client base in Orange County and Los Angeles who appreciate the legal protection Naghibi offers in a world that tries to find everything on the public record. His approach has created something truly unique, as no other company offers a one-stop-shop that delivers real estate, law and property management services, and privacy protection all with a concierge level value proposition.

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