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DateOctober 21, 2020

Christopher Naghibi on Building a Community-Focused Business: Black Crown Realty

In our current American zeitgeist, it seems that the concepts of profitability and community first priorities have become mutually exclusive.

While the idea of cold, corporate entities is usually associated most strongly with the greed of pure capitalism and low tax rates of real estate income, Christopher M. Naghibi and his firm Black Crown Inc. have taken it upon themselves to stand out from that industry conception. With over an astounding $10 million in recovered costs for clients and in excess of $20 billion dollars in closed transactions, Black Crown Inc. certainly qualifies when it comes to profitability, but they also are extremely focused on community, giving back and paying it forward.

Now more than ever, our society realizes a house does not always make a home with quarantine and as a real estate firm, Naghibi and Black Crown Inc. are dedicated to being community builders. Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Black Crown Inc., Naghibi loves speaking at local schools and community centers in the Orange County area and greater Los Angeles, inciting the next generation to achieve great things all while developing relationships. He is even authoring a forthcoming book aimed at teaching the next generation of adults about financial literacy and building wealth.

While law, finance, construction, and real estate are known as mostly male-dominated fields, Naghibi and Black Crown Inc. are striving to change that through a spectacular partnership with She Built This City, a non-profit organization which is dedicated to empowering women of all ages in sparking interest in the construction, artisan, and manufacturing trades.

As a practicing attorney with his juris doctorate from Trinity Law School, he loves doing pro-bono work and made it a requirement for all of the lawyers, no matter their specific specialization, within Black Crown Law APC. This commitment to paying it forward is the ethos of what the Black Crown Inc. brand stands for and has helped thousands of local families in need since the firm’s inception.

Licensed as a general contractor, Naghibi and his company have also partnered with Habitat for Humanity in building homes and also creating a unique loan program structured to aid deserving, low and moderate income families in securing the home of their dreams across the country in locales such as Las Vegas, Hawaii, and all over the great state of California.

Investing in the local communities remains one of the founding principles Naghibi built Black Crown Inc. on and continues to drive all the work they accomplish whether it’s in Los Angeles or somewhere across the globe. Managing a coalition of attorneys, real estate agents, property managers, and a myriad of contractors, Naghibi believes that community building is the only way to keep everything under one house coexisting peacefully and efficiently. All of the above community initiatives help instill a healthy and fulfilling company culture for Black Crown Inc which drives not only success for their valued celebrity and high-net worth clientele but also the community in which these investments are made.

Christopher M. Naghibi and his luxury firm Black Crown Inc. are showing that profitability and community-focused values don’t have to be mutually exclusive even in such industries like law and real estate. Beyond just surviving, Naghibi’s firm is thriving and continues even during a global pandemic to protect it’s clientele’s investments and grow their assets all while investing in the local communities where this work occurs. Preserving the economic ecosystem so that the next generation of adults can benefit from the smart decisions and good fortune of those who came before them.

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