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DateApril 13, 2020

Many People Are Looking to Real Estate Amidst COVID-19 and Here is How Naghibi is Helping

The last time American unemployment was this high was 2008, during the housing market crash. Back then, banks had taken incomprehensible amounts of bad debts and mortgages all across the nation defaulted and real estate was one of the worst assets to have. Currently, it is quite a different story. While many people’s net worths have been cut in half or worse due to the stock market plunge, real estate has been one of the strongest and most resilient assets to this economic crisis. However, real estate is also one of the hardest assets to purchase, maintain, and utilize compared to others like stocks or bonds–not to mention the incredible paper trail which makes maintaining privacy near impossible. Christopher M. Maghibi and his company, Black Crown, have been solving this problem for celebrity and high-net worth clients all across the country for over 20 years.

With over $10 million in recovered costs for clients and in excess of $20 billion dollars in closed transactions, Black Crown is the pre-eminent real estate firm for those looking for both privacy and results.

Typically, firms specialize in one area of focus–brokerage, property acquisition or sales, or contracting–but Black Crown handles every aspect all in-house. Christopher M. Naghibi is able to offer complete anonymity and protect client’s privacy by consolidating every service and catering to each client’s specific needs with concierge level specialization.

Christopher M. Naghibi, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Black Crown, has rejected specialization his entire life. With a Juris Doctorate from Trinity Law School, a Master of Business Administration from American Heritage University, two bachelor degrees, Naghibi is also a graduate of the Yale School of Management Global Executive Leadership Program.

Black Crown delivers more expertise and a high level personal touch that absolutely no one else in the current industry can come close to touching. Naghbibi accomplishes this by valuing and protecting his celebrity and high-profile clients’ identities and privacy to deliver an unparalleled concierge experience throughout each and every aspect of the real estate assets process. By focusing on relationships and not just transactions, Black Crown Inc. has expanded its confidential client base in Orange County and Los Angeles who appreciate the legal protection Naghibi offers in a world that tries to find everything on the public record.

Naghibi and Black Crown Inc make a promise to each and every one of their clients: “No games, no drama and no gimmicks. Isn’t it time you felt like you got more for less?” They focus on cultivating long term relationships through each aspect of their service–from acquisition to maintaining to legal–which allows them to provide exceptional service which is unmatched by any competitor in the industry.

But just because Naghibi’s company caters to celebrity clients doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about the communities in the areas he operates. Giving back is one of the central values Naghibi instilled in Black Crown Inc.. Relationships are vital–both to their clients and the communities they work in. Naghibi manages a collective of attorneys, property managers, real estate agents and contractors, all of whom participate in different community-focused projects.

In a very uncertain time, Naghibi has protected not just his clients’ privacy, but also their wealth without destroying communities, but actually building and strengthening them.

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